History of Pearl Tsubota

Since 1952,† the Tsubota Pearl Company has been making fine accessories in Tokyo, Japan.† The company gained fame in Japan from early innovations in cases and lighters, the same source of success for the company today.† Originality, design, usefulness, beauty and quality are the hallmark drivers for its creations.† But even with the innovation, products are made today similar to the way they were 50 years ago, by Japanese craftsmen in small factories who are skilled in areas such as molding, leather work, finishes, etc.

Today, Pearl Tsubota is one of Japanís luxury goods companies, its products are sold all over the world, at the finest stores.† Pearl Tsubota is a fourth generation, family owned business, and holds its employees in the highest regard.† Please experience the products of Pearl Tsubota.

Display Stands

We also have available clear Lucite display stands that will highlight and simplify the merchandising of your Pearl Tsubota products.† These displays are custom made for Pearl Tsubota and have a frosted base, riser area, and a beautiful Pearl logo monogrammed block in clear and frosted Lucite.† Also included are clear stands for displaying the products on the base of the platform.† These compact stands fit in showcase towers and counter cases for clean organization and security.† Even this small accessory makes a big difference in drawing customersí attention.


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