VanDyke Tsubota Inc is the importer and wholesaler for Pearl Tsubota products from Japan.   We sell to retailers in The United States, Canada, Caribbean, and Latin America. 

Pearl Tsubota's  products are created to be unique; different from the products of other manufacturers.  In Japan, these products are sold in the best department stores and at some of the best fashion retailers in the country.  In North America, our retailers are Fine Department Stores, Tobacconists, Upscale Gift Stores, Product Design Stores, Art Museum Stores, Lifestyle Boutiques, Vintage Shops, Collectors' Shops, and Shops Specializing in Japanese Design.

The range of designs is from Trendy to Classic.  There always seems to be a product that overwhelmingly appeals or "reaches out" to each individual.  Retail prices for these items are beneath those of the European luxury goods companies making them affordable to those who desire them.  This also puts the Pearl Tsubota products in the right range for gifts.


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